The Flaming Tree of Peredur

The Flaming Tree of Peredur
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Original Oil and Acrylic Painting of "The Flaming Tree of Peredur" by JadeM



The burning tree which Peredur encounters in the Mabinogion is an allegory, a sign which suggests that the protective boundary between the internal and the external worlds has dissolved temporarily, because the tree is both burning (supernatural) and living (the "real world"), it symbolizes the connection between the two worlds. This fits with the other image that accompanies the burning tree: Black sheep on one side of the field and white on the other and everytime one of the white sheep bleated, one of the black sheep would move over into the other side and turn white. Like the sheep, Peradur easily moves between the real and spiritual world (i.e. changes from black to white).

You could draw a parallel between this and Moses with the burning Bush!

This is an Original Oil and Acrylic Painting on box Canvas.





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